The Studio

Disnosc is connected to a network of young french and international talents already helping us to achieve our first projects and to convey our editorial goals to the world. 

We deliver high-quality storyboarding, layout and 2D animation. Our pipeline is specific to this style we love. It is rock-solid in its technology and its methodology, made both for in-house and remote work. It’s constantly improving by actively seeking and financing innovative solutions and processes.
It’s meant to relieve the artists from the stress of the production management and make them work in relation to each other, splitting the work cleverly so everybody improves along the way.

We bring to international producers the opportunity to develop, co-produce and fabricate with the help of both the French national and regional institutions. They are respectively the 3rd country for producing animation in the world and the 2nd most supportive region of the territory.

About Disnosc's Location

Disnosc has a small production office in Biarritz and adapts it's size to the projects it works on. Because of it's strong link with the actors from the Basque Country region, Disnosc rents on a per-project basis small to large spaces adapted to its production needs, and this way avoids unnecessary costs.

Disnosc is located close to Biarritz's airport and on the main high-speed train line that goes from Paris to Bordeaux and Angoulême. This proximity to what are the main French cities for animation creates a close link with the artists and producers of the region.

Our current office in Bidart, with Kestu and Virtual Therapia

Our Disnosc production office in Biarritz