We still have room for new projects and collaborators!

For applications regarding job inquiries, internships or producing your film, please fill in the following forms :
- For french-speakers : https://forms.gle/NAFQjGCKDYH5qVw2A
- For english-speakers : https://forms.gle/hFVyokHqj75WGBQG8

For any inquiries regarding co-producing or if you have any question, please feel free to reach us at contact@disnosc.fr. Don't be shy!

Regarding our current productions, we are looking for :

  • For 2D realistic video game cinematics (project HMY_03) :

    • Character layout artists

    • 2D animators and assistants

As well as :

  • Storyboard artists for series and feature film projects

Regarding our projects in Development :

  • Co-producers, distributors and diffusers for Blue Figures

  • Co-producers for Mordred's Legend