We still have room for new projects and collaborators!

For applications regarding job inquiries, internships or producing your film, please fill in the following form to be accurately indexed in our annuary :
- For french-speakers : https://forms.gle/NAFQjGCKDYH5qVw2A
- For english-speakers : https://forms.gle/hFVyokHqj75WGBQG8

Please don't send your application via e-mail, we can't sort them :')

We are looking for

  • A part-time or full time IT and/or TD (Python, Javascript) to manage our computers and collaborate on elaborating our pipeline

  • A second versatile assistant director with good 2D animation skills and after-effect knowledge, willing to learn our processes and be a regular on our projects

  • Short film projects (adult, realistic 2D animation)

For a new batch of 2D realistic video game cinematics (HMY-04, Oct 2022-Jan 2023) :

    • An assistant director

    • Storyboard artists

    • Background and character layout artists

    • 2D animators and assistants

    • A color background supervisor

    • Color background artists

    • Compositing artists

For feature film projects we collaborate on :

    • Storyboard artists

    • Visual development artists

Regarding our projects in development :

    • For Blue Figures (BFS)

      • A color and background co-artistic director (Realistic cinematographic concept-art style for the parts in today's Paris)

      • Co-producers, distributors and diffusors

      • Quill animators

    • Co-producers for Mordred's Legend (LDM)

For any question, please feel free to reach us at contact@disnosc.fr. Don't be shy!