Blue Figures

Blue Figures is about the role of music in our lives, and about what influence life has on music.

Blue Figures is a hand-animated half-fictional half-biographic drama anthology series in development created by Nathan Otaño and Moïra Bérard.
It is made of two seasons of 12 episodes of 22 minutes for young adults and adults, in French and English.


Each episode is a diptych made of both a modern and an historical prism : It relates a key moment that shaped the work of a great jazz musician, contextualized by the fictional daily life of two characters in today's Paris.
Those are Eliott, an old Afro-american Jazz vinyl record store owner struggling to pay the bills, and Ines, a purposeless rebel French student who befriends him. They will both find meaning in making "Figures Bleues", Eliott's store, survive in a modern world.

What they live will resonate with the stories told by Eliott around the vinyl records they're listening to. Each record will project the viewer visually into the episode's biopic.

Past and present, The USA and France will dialog around a theme specific to each episode.


Blue Figures is intended for an international audience of young adults and adults seeking committed narratives with a diversity of cultural, social, and political realities common to both Jazz and today's society.

Our first goal is to share meaningful and diverse stories with an audience that may not be familiar with Jazz, while still making Jazz enthusiasts experience the reality behind their favourite musicians's music. The series's narratives will filter historical information to propose a staged, sensorial and intimate approach to the musicians' life, setting the series apart from regular Jazz documentaries.

It is the promise of a collection we can binge watch, or in which we can pick from in the same way we would pick a record out of a rack in a record shop.

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