Mordred's Legend

Mordred always dreamt of becoming a knight.  As a young rural orphan, he wants to prove his worth and be one of the legends he admires. But Mordred has neither the strength, nor the noble family. He only has a broken sword left by his father, and a jeweled helmet he found in the forest. Oddly enough, it brings him insolent luck.

Guided by the Lady of the Puddles, he will explore each of the french's regions to solve quests, encoutering local medieval legends and knights that are all caricatures of themselves. They always cleverly succeed, but it's never heroic enough for him to be invited at the round table...

La Légende de Mordred Pendragon - Aguiche.mp4

18*22 Series for young audience (in development)

Each episode will take place in a different french region, exploring a local tale and local medieval buildings. Each quest will feature corrupted knights and vertuous monsters as a prism to talk about ecology, social deteminism, social norms and basic economical understandings.