Nathan Otaño's Work

Nathan is a co-founder at DIsnosc and a permanent artist working for the studio. He's an author and director specialised in 2D animation direction and storyboarding. He's also in the technical realm, scripting for TVPaint and other softwares.

All the work featured on this page are projects on which Nathan worked on and produced by companies other than Disnosc

Professional Projects

Key Animator - Studio La Cachette (Paris)

Animation Director (animated scenes) - Gaumont Animation (Paris)

Director and Animation DIrector - Cube Creative (Paris)

Storyboard Assist - Folivari (Paris)

Animation Développent for a to be released video game project -Dontnod Eleven (Paris)

Layout and Animation (episode 1 and 2) - Studio La Cachette (Paris)

Key Animation - Sun Creature (Copenhagen)

Storyboard Artist - Cube Creative (Paris)

Storyboard Artist on the to be released second feature film of Ernest & Célestine : Le Voyage en Charabie - Folivari (Paris)

Student Projects

Co-Director (Storyboard, Animation Direction) - Gobelins (Paris)

Co-Director (Storyboard, Animation Direction) - Gobelins (Paris)

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